THE BUSINESS UNIT YATTOO is the Business Unit of the OFIS group specializing in broadband internet access for businesses and household.
Our high performance solutions meet the needs of the most demanding.

Fibre optic

KFTTO aerial technology
Good knowledge of fibre, from start to finish (no third party);
Allows unlimited, symmetrical data rates.


Different frequencies depending on the localization and expectations;
Allows high speed connection and symmetrical data rates.


C & KU geostationary band technology for isolated areas;
Vsat dome technology for offshore.

Yattoo solutions

Supervision service

Network Operation Centre (NOC).
Yattoo monitors the performance and availability of the connection in real time in order to optimise the client usage and satisfaction.

Control & optimisation

Yattoo Internet Control.
A single platform to visualize and control: Firewall, VPN, antivirus and antispyware, anti-spam, Web filtering.


in the event of a failure in the WACS, Yattoo guarantees a continuity service with automatic redundancy on a low-orbit satellite with low latency (< 150ms).

Plug & Play

Yattoo fully controls the implementation of Internet access: Cable and connectors deployment, modem and router setup.

IP Address Management

Yattoo provides a fixed IP address (V4 or V6). The addresses are public for companies.

Audit & Consulting

The Yattoo experts assist different companies in the analysis of their needs and help them to determine the most suitable service required.