To cope with the permanent saturation of its Internet bandwidth, and before investing in higher capacity, BGFI wanted to be able to control and manage the use of its Internet.

The aim was also to better protect the bank against external attacks.


Following the project realized by ONTS, the BGFI Bank has a fine control of the use of its Internet and thus of its bandwidth. The solution measures and optimizes the bandwidth consumed by each user.

Non-productive websites for company employees have been banned to reserve bandwidth for the Bank's business applications. In addition, the bank security level has been raised with the appliance's antivirus, antispam, and IPS features.

The OFIS solution

OFIS, through its ONTS Business Unit, recommended the deployment of an "INTERNET CONTROL" with the following features: Firewall, Web and application filtering, antivirus and antispam gateway, IPS and VPN. It is a next-generation UTM that provides L8 layer control without slowing down network performance.

Deployment was conducted by certified network security engineers from the ONTS Business Units.

Some numbers

  100 users.
  1 week of deployment and configuration.
  ROI very fast.



In order to ensure compliance with best practices in the banking sector, the bank wanted to have an independent firm appraise the performance and security of its information system.

This expertise should take place without disrupting the operation of the IS (network in production).

Client benefits

The solution deployed by the ONTS experts allowed to increase the security of the IS of the bank without degrading the performances. It will help guard against future malicious and repetitive attacks that cause financial losses and loss of confidence on the part of customers.

The implementation of the segmentation has made it possible to optimize the performance of the bank's network and to facilitate its maintenance and evolution. It now has a network compliant with standards, powerful, reliable and secure.

The OFIS solution

OFIS through its ONTS Business Unit, recommended a full audit of the bank's IS by its team of certified experts. The main IT security steps proposed by ONTS are as follows:

Implementation of network segmentation, limitation of access to equipment administration ports, activation of IDS systems and security of the ARP protocol, implementation of SSH, optimization of the active directory, strengthening of the security of the antivirus server, etc.

Some numbers

  100 J / H for the entire project.
  Acquisition of 4 switches for the core network.
  Acquisition of Next Generation Firewalls (2 HWs and 4 SWs).



Real-time monitoring of its security systems is essential for BGFIBank's activities.

In order to optimize its monitoring, the company wanted to have a real-time alert solution for all its existing security equipment: alarms & video surveillance. Other follow-ups can be added, especially here, the activity of the inverters.

Client benefits

The solution deployed by OBT enabled the client to have a centralized and real-time monitoring of all existing security systems. If there is a problem with VHF connectivity, the client can switch to the GSM solution. In addition, BGFIBank benefits from monitoring its inverters.

In case of incidents, OBT has a hotline 24h / 7d, deadlines of interventions of 2h in HO, 3h in HNO and a guarantee of time of recovery of 6h.

The OFIS solution

OFIS via its business unit OBT and its alert monitoring solution, has proposed a solution based on redundant VHF & GSM connectivity.

The associated software centralizes all the information and triggers the associated alerts in real time.

Some numbers

  12 connected BGFI branches [BZV, PNR, Oyo, Dolisie].
  2 PCS installed & commissioned [BZV, PNR, Oyo, Dolisie].
  4 base stations [2 GSM & 2 VHF operating in redundancy].
  88 Transmitters installed [GSM and VHF].
  10 video servers installed.