The company Boscongo wanted to give an Internet access, offshore, to one of its ships. The client's need was to have continuous access while sailing on the West African coast. The chosen system had to operate in a particularly difficult climatic environment.

Client benefits

This solution allowed Boscongo to offer its crew a reliable and efficient internet connection, especially for telephony. It makes it possible to keep in touch with the networks thanks to a fast access to Internet, to the electronic mail, and to more services still.

The VSAT dome Yattoo provides the highest quality for satellite systems in the marine market. The solution is available in C and KU bandwidths of up to 10Mbps

The OFIS solution

OFIS via its Yattoo Business Unit, proposed a VSAT solution integrated in a dome. It is a motorized maritime internet connectivity solution, stabilized and protected in a Plexiglas spherical ball, automatically compensating the effects of lodging, pitch and roll.

Ideal for offshore communication, this system ensures a permanent and stable service whatever the movements, even the most agitated of the ocean, with the help of its stabilization system reinforced by a specific motorization.

Some numbers

  KU band service on an antenna 1m in diameter.
  Bandwidth of 256Kbps down / 128 Kbps up 1: 1