The Hotel Elaïs wanted to have a very high speed internet connection to distribute among several needs.

This connection was to allow the hotel's customers to benefit from a high-speed service but also to the administration an optimal functioning.

Client benefits

The proposed solution allowed the Hotel Elaïs to give more capacity to its customers in the evening while keeping a service at competitive rates.

In addition, pro active monitoring of links allows Yattoo technical teams to identify problems as early as possible. The hotel Elaïs benefits from Gold client service with a hotline 24h / 7d, intervention time of 2h in HO, 3h in HNO and a guarantee of recovery time of 6h.

The OFIS solution

OFIS, through its Yattoo Business Unit, proposed a Yattoo HOTEL solution with a determined bandwidth distribution between the needs of the hotel's client base, the administration and the business center's open space.

The particularity of the service is to give double the capacity at night from 21 hours. The service has been activated on an fibre optic distribution.

Some numbers

  Bandwidth of 10 Mbps symmetrical and dedicated between 7-21h.
  Boost at 20 Mbps dedicated between 21h-7h.
  Distribution of the bandwidth between the needs of the hotel, the administration and the business center.