SCAB, a major player in CONGO security, uses a professional radiocommunication solution (PMR) to relay real-time critical information between its deployed field agents and HQ. This network, hosted and maintained for many years by OFIS, is an essential link in the operational efficiency of the SCAB. OBT was chosen to realize its optimization.

Client benefits

The solution deployed by OBT dramatically increases the availability and coverage of the SCAB network, improving the transmission of critical information and agent responsiveness.

This new network is also better maintainable and allows real redundancy in case of failure of one of the channels. In case of incidents, OBT has a hotline 24h / 7d, deadlines of interventions of 2h in HO, 3h in HNO and a guarantee of time of recovery of 6h

The OFIS solution

In order to improve the reliability, availability and coverage of the SCAB network, OBT has made its new production site available to the most demanding standards. OBT has also installed a new, high-performance antennal system.

Some numbers

  204 VHF communication channels
  More than 1000 connected portable and mobile terminals
  01 pylon of 60m
  02 GE and a 10kVA inverter for energy redundancy
  02 high gain antennas
  01 RF coupling and filtering system