Access to quality internet (throughput, reliability, security) is essential for Schlumberger's business. In order to secure its Internet access, the company wanted to have a second source of power to maintain connectivity in case of breakage of its main source.

Client benefits

The solution deployed by Yattoo enabled the client to have an independent backup solution for terrestrial solutions. In case of a problem on the primary road, the client can switch on the SAFENET solution.

In addition, Schlumberger benefits from active pro-active monitoring of links enabling Yattoo technical teams to identify a problem, a Gold client service with a hotline 24h / 7d, response times of 2 hours in HO, 3 hours in HNO and a 6 hour recovery time guarantee.

The OFIS solution

OFIS, through its Yattoo Business Unit, has proposed a SAFENET Yattoo solution based entirely on low-orbit VSAT connectivity to provide fiber-like latency (<150ms).

The proposed link to Schlumberger is based on fiber optic distribution.

Some numbers

  4 Mb down and 2 Mb up dedicated.